The Chihuahua 

Chihuahuas are tiny dogs that come in many different colors and markings and can have either long or short coats, but they all have large alert ears, big moist eyes, and huge personalities. Inside each little Chihuahua is a miniature King or Queen ready to rule their realms, so they need to be taught what is acceptable in human kingdoms. They are intelligent and enthusiastic, so they usually don't need extensive training. 

The Chihuahua usually does better with older children due to their tiny size.

Height: 6-9 inches

Weight: 3-6 pounds


Hypoglycemia in Chihuahuas 

Hypoglycemia is the scientific term which means "low blood sugar". You are probably aware of this phenomenon in people with diabetes and the condition is quite similar in dogs. Low blood sugar levels can be quite dangerous in dogs because glucose (sugar) is needed by the brain to operate properly. When glucose levels drop too low serious conquences can follow. 

Open Fontanelle

A molera is a "hole" in a Chihuahuas head; it is the same as a Fontanelle in human babies. Historically, the Chihuahua as developed in Mexico and the United States has displayed a "hole in the head". 

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